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2018 Helen Kelly Conference Presenters

Keynote Speakers:

Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN -The Art of Nursing

  Elizabeth Scala  is a Johns Hopkins-trained Registered Nurse, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and consultant on burnout prevention for nurses in all specialties. She is the CEO of ElizabethScala.com and founder of The Art of Nursing—a Nurse’s Week program providing education and inspiration at dozens of hospitals and healthcare organizations across the country. Her online community of over 15,000 nurses has allowed her to teach the lessons in this program in the real world of professional nurses and their rapidly changing healthcare environment.

Elizabeth’s articles are frequently posted on NurseTogether.com, Working Nurse, and HealtheCareers.com. She has consulted with or been a featured speaker for the South Dakota Nurses Association, Carolinas Healthcare, WellStar Health System, the National Nurse’s Health Institute, and many more.

Elizabeth is also a Reiki Master, Certified Coach and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Masters’ degrees in both Business and Nursing. She lives in Maryland with her supportive husband and playful pit bull.

Keynote Presentation: 

Elizabeth is on a mission to shift the profession of nursing from the inside out.
Individuals typically enter their nursing careers with a desire to provide compassionate, heart-based care. Challenged by regulations, financial pressures and technological advancements, todays nurse struggles to balance the art with the science of nursing.
As an author of several books, award winning podcaster, and Nurse’s Week online program host, Elizabeth inspires nursing teams to reconnect with the passionate and fulfilling joy that once called them to their roles.

Dan Craft, Retired FBI – Inside the Criminal Mind

 Dan Craft has 31 years of investigative experience as a FBI agent specializing in violent crimes which include homicides, serial murder, sex crimes (sexual sadists, pedophiles), crimes against children, kidnapping, gang murders, and terrorism.   Dan is a criminal profiler and crisis negotiator.  Dan has negotiated with terrorists overseas for the safe release of Americans being held hostage.

Dan has lectured nationally and internationally and has been an advisor and consultant to local, state, federal and international police agencies.

Dan is a past president of the Wisconsin Homicide Investigators Association and the past National Chairman of the Federal Bureau of Investigations Advisory Committee.

Dan was awarded a commendation by the Director of the FBI for bravery under fire, and saving the life of a 4 year old child.  As you can see he has a wealth of both practical and teaching experience to share with each student, and he enjoys interacting with law enforcement, victim/witness coordinators, prosecutors, and crime scene personnel.

Key Note Presentation:

Certain clues at every crime scene don’t lend themselves to being collected because behavior is not random, it’s a result of the way a person thinks.  Men are motivated by their thinking patterns.  A man’s behavior is an index of his mind.  Violent criminals fantasize about violence.  Behavior is motivated by sex and aggression; it is the two most instinctual drives.  Sex crimes deal with behavior that primarily services non-sexual needs, and are sexual expressions of aggression.  Some men have perversions and their only way of expressing themselves is through sex.    Men who are inhibited sexually, develop unconventional forms of sexual expression:  some are harmful and some are harmless.

This presentation will focus on the criminal mind, and why people commit crimes; as well as their behavior and thinking patterns.  The audience will learn about victimology; sexual disorders; sex offenders; and communicating with someone in crisis.   The presentation will discuss forms of behavior; the criteria used to access behavior; factors that determine behavior and the 4 major questions in every investigation.  We will look at the 10 filters to every investigation; the psychology of violence; how anxiety is expressed; components of the sex drive; motivation in sex crimes; approaches rapist use and how they control their victims.

This presentation will also look at the differences between child molesters vs the pedophiles; the 4 major characteristics of the pedophile; what clues to look for in pedophiles; the techniques pedophiles use in obtaining victims; factors that influence sexual criminals; and the dynamics/phases of pedophilia.  At the end of the lecture, the audience will learn the 7 common characteristics of sexual sadist and serial killers.


Dr. Alicia Johnson, Director of Women’s Center, UW-Oshkosh- Sexual Violence and College Sports

 Alicia Johnson is the Director of the Women’s Center and a Lecturer in Women’s and Gender Studies and Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She has a B.S. (2010) in Exercise Science with minors in Biology and Sports Medicine from Minnesota State University, Mankato, an M.S. (2012) in Athletic Counseling from Springfield College (MA), and a Ph.D. (2016) in Sport/Socio-Cultural Studies with a cognate in Cultural Anthropology and certificates in Women’s Studies, Grant Writing and Proposal Development, and Graduate Teaching from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Sport: Part of the Problem or Solution? 

Does sexual assault occur more frequently in relation to sport? Or do sexual assault cases involving sport simply get more media attention? Or is the answer to this question more complex? In this talk, Dr. Johnson will debunk myths around the relationship between sexual assault and sport and discuss ways that sport can be seen as part of the solution rather than the problem.

Michelle Viste, Executive Director WI DOJ’s Office of Crime Victim Services – Testimony

  Michelle Viste is currently the Executive Director of Crime Victim Services at at the Wisconsin Department of Justice .


Break Out Session Presenters:

Shawny Sena (She/Her/Hers)- BDSM: When Boundaries are Broke

Shawny Sena is a mental health practitioner and sex therapist in the Twin Cities. In her current practice at Cedar Hill therapy, she specializes in gender and alternative sexualities. Her work is informed by her years as a sex educator with a pleasure- based philosophy.


BDSM is more widely practiced than ever, but rarely addressed in healthcare. In this workshop, we will cover the basics of BDSM sexual practices, the role they play in patient’s lives, and the ways we can provider better informed care. Come with your questions and curiosities!


Melissa Vesperman, RN- Strangulation and Task Force Updates


Melissa Vesperman has been the Forensic Nurse Coordinator at St. Croix Valley SART; a non-profit independent sexual assault program based out of River Falls, WI for the past 6 years. Melissa obtained her SANE Adult/Adolescent Certification in 2014. Melissa was a member of the IAFN’s Strangulation Task Force.


Strangulation basic principles, documentation. Spending time discussing the IAFN non-fatal strangulation tool kit.


Alice Page and Doreen Goetsch – Elder Abuse

This session will provide attendees with information and resources about how to protect individuals at risk through awareness, appropriate identification, and reporting abuse. Attendees will learn what is abuse, who is abused, and who are abusers; common types of abuse and what to look for; and the reporting system, types of reporters, who to call and when. 

Alice Page is an Adult Protective Services and Systems Developer in the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Office on Aging.  Ms. Page works on policy and program development involving individuals at risk. She is an experienced attorney with a Master of Public Health who has practiced law in New Hampshire and Wisconsin.  Her past positions include Director of the Human Subjects Committee Office at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health and Senior Policy Analyst at the National Bioethics Advisory Committee in Bethesda, Maryland, where she managed a project on ethical and policy issues in international clinical research.

Doreen Goetsch is a licensed Social Worker, currently employed by the Department of Health Services in Madison, Wisconsin, where she is the Adult Protective Services coordinator. Doreen was an APS supervisor for 5 years in Dodge County. Prior to supervising APS workers, Doreen was an APS worker in the field in Dodge County for 18 years. Doreen also has experience with working with adolescents and their families and has a vast amount of court experience.


Julie Button– Intimacy and Sexuality in Long Term Care

Julie Button has served 29 years as an Ombudsman with the Wisconsin Board on Aging and Long Term Care.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh and is a certified Social Worker.  With a focus on client rights, Julie advocates for elderly people who need long term care, with the goal of better care and improving their quality of life.

All people, including those who are elderly or have a disability, have the right to engage in relationships.  Recognizing that some people are vulnerable, it is important to consider a person’s ability to consent to sex.  This session provides information about intimate and sexual relationships in long term care, and assessment criteria, based on WI case law, to determine someone’s ability to consent to sex.


Lynn Herge– Title IX

Lynn Herge has been a forensic nurse for 5 years with Aurora-Oshkosh. She became interested in Title IX process of reporting while caring for college age students from nearby campus.A review of options available for college students who have been assaulted by a person of different gender or in a sexual manner. Will involve case reviews of various reporting paths available under Title IX.


Bev Kelly Miller- Sexual Abuse and Drug Addiction: The Megan Kelly Foundation

Megan Kelly Foundation all about raising awareness about addiction and bringing a message of hope. Megan is currently voiceless so her mother became her voice. Bev Kelly Miller shares Megan’s story of family addiction and loss with students, parents, organizations and community members to help prevent others from walking in Megan’s shoes, as well as to prevent other families from experiencing a devastating forever loss of a family member to his or her addiction. Addiction does NOT define anyone. The Megan Kelly foundation  is committed to doing what it takes to make sure another family does not have to endure what our family has had to face on a daily basis.


Bev Kelley- Miller, a mother, wife, teacher. I earned a Master’s Degree in psychology and taught psychology courses at Fox Valley Technical College and University of Phoenix.



Jennifer Yates, Childrens of Wisconsin-  Pediatric SANE review

Jennifer Yates is a certified family nurse practitioner, specializing since 2005 in the medical evaluation of children who may have been maltreated. She provides medical evaluations of potential victims of child maltreatment at the Fox Valley Child Advocacy Center and the Willow Tree Cornerstone Child Advocacy Center.

This two part ( required to register for both breakout sessions) will review the prepubertal SANE examination, highlighting documentation, techniques and case review. CEU’s will be provided to Nurses who attend both sessions.

Pediatric Sexual Abuse Refresher Course. WHO to examine, WHEN to examine, WHERE to examine? WHAT is included in this exam? WHY is it important? HOW to make evidence based conclusions.


Dana Miller, WI DOJ– Internet Crimes Against Children

Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat – we’ve heard of these.  What about WhatsApp, YouNow, or Skout?  Our kids are active participants in sharing their news & lives online.  With new popular apps being downloaded every day, how can adults keep up?  This session will provide an overview of information on current app and technology trends; ways we can educate and communicate with young people on safe and proper use; and resources to help everyone prevent, report, and respond.


Dana Miller is an Advanced Program & Policy Analyst with the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Internet Crimes AgainstChildren Task Force.  Dana manages CyberTip leads received from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and works closely with law enforcement throughout the state of Wisconsin. Dana has worked extensively in education and harm prevention surrounding technology, and is also a co-founder and co-host of the Protect Kids Online (PKO) Podcast, delivering online safety trends and updates to community members and working to keep kids safe online!


Nancy Yarbrough-

Ms. Nancy Yarbrough is the Executive Director and founder of fresh start learning Incorporated. She believes in  the spirit of excellence and meeting the needs of people. She’s also a consultant and facilitator / trainer and has degrees and licenses in the following: early childhood development, AODA and domestic violence counseling, and Community program development & Outreach. She has served  the Milwaukee community and surrounding counties for over 20+ years in the areas such as banking, adult education, advocacy/supportive services, professionalism skills, as a child care service training Provider for adult learners and activist in pursuing legal rights for women in the workforce.


Kitchen Table Conversations … My Journey Life After The Life (sexual exploitation)


The two sided coin His Thoughts –  Her Thoughts…. are we dating or am I being Groomed


Nathaniel Fores – Transgender 101

Nathaniel Fores is a Nationally Registered and Wisconsin State Licensed Paramedic. He is a volunteer Firefighter and First Responder with the Winneconne Poygan Fire Department and he holds a Bachelor of Science degree from UW Oshkosh. He currently works as the Program Coordinator at UW Oshkosh in the LGBTQ Resource Center. As a man of trans experience, he is passionate about educating medical professionals about the best practices in transgender healthcare.

Transgender 101 – This presentation will cover statistics, basic definitions, the importance of using correct pronouns and names, treating gender dysphoria following WPATH Standards of Care, caring for transgender and nonbinary victims and more.







Previous 2017 Presenters:
Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center: Dr. Steve Kopetskie  and Laura Thomas
Fox Crossing Police Department: Jason Weber, Community Liaison Officer
Department of Corrections: Leigha Weber, PREA Program and Policy Analyst
Crime Victim Compensation and WI SAFE Fund: Karen Moore and Kathy Zupan
Medical Examiner: Angela Hinze
Clearing House for Missing and Exploited Children and Adults: Jenniffer Price and Michelle DuBois
Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs: Tracy Plamann


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