Helen Kelly Conference Presenters

2020 Helen Kelly Forensic Nursing Conference Speakers

Previous 2019 Presenters:

Advanced HIV– Dr. Omobosola Akinsete, Infectious Disease Specialist

Broken or Beautiful: A Survivors Story- Patricia Propson

Crime Lab Updates- Dan Campbell and Eva King, Wisconsin State Crime Lab

Expert Witness Training for Forensic Examiners – Roger Canaff

Legislation 101- Ian Henderson

Drug Endangered Children– Amy Reggin and Justin Stubbendick

Previous 2018 Presenters:

The Art of Nurisng: Elizabeth Scala

Inside the Criminal Mind: Dan Craft

Sexual Violence and College Sports: Alicia Johnson

Testimony: Michelle Viste

BDSM: When Boundaries are Broke: Shawny Sena

Strangulation Task Force: Melissa Vesperman

Elder Abuse: Alice Page and Doreen Goetsch

Intimacy and Sexuality in Long Term Care: Julie Button

Title IX: Lynn Herge

The Megan Kelly Foundation – Drug Addiction: Bev Kelly Miller

Pediatric SANE Review: Jennifer Yates

Internet Crimes Against Children: Dana Miller

Human Trafficking: Nancy Yarbrough

Transgender 101: Nathaniel Fores

Previous 2017 Presenters:

Sand Ridge Secure Treatment Center: Dr. Steve Kopetskie  and Laura Thomas

Fox Crossing Police Department: Jason Weber, Community Liaison Officer

Department of Corrections: Leigha Weber, PREA Program and Policy Analyst

Crime Victim Compensation and WI SAFE Fund: Karen Moore and Kathy Zupan

Medical Examiner: Angela Hinze

Clearing House for Missing and Exploited Children and Adults: Jenniffer Price and Michelle DuBois