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OCVS Grants Team – New Staff!

There have been several new additions (and a few changes) to the OCVS Grants Team.  Leah Varnadoe is the new VAWA Grants Support Specialist (VAWA STOP and SASP), and started on September 6th.  Courtney Gordon will be joining us on September 19th as the Grants Support Specialist for the VOCA and SAVS Grants.


Cindy Grady, Director of Grant Programs & Operations, (608) 264-6209, gradyca@doj.state.wi.us

Karen Moore, SAVS Grants Manager & SAFE Fund, (608) 267-9340, moorekg@doj.state.wi.us

Amanda Powers, VOCA Grants Manager, (608) 267-2251, powersal@doj.state.wi.us

Mary Colletti, VOCA Grants Manager, (608) 261-8100, collettima@doj.state.wi.us

Paul Fricken, VOCA/SAVS Financial Grants Specialist, (608) 264-6214, frickenpe@doj.state.wi.us

Courtney Gordon, VOCA/SAVS Grant Support Specialist, (608) 261-8645, gordonca@doj.state.wi.us

Shira Phelps, VAWA Grants Administrator, (608) 267-5250, phelpssr@doj.state.wi.us

Tanya Herranz, VAWA Financial Grants Specialist, also CACs,  (608) 264-7657, herranztd@doj.state.wi.us

Leah Varnadoe, VAWA Grants Support Specialist, (608) 266-0936, varnadoela@doj.state.wi.us

Lori Thompson, Statewide SANE Coordinator, (608) 572-1414, thompsonll@doj.state.wi.us

Karina Virrueta, Grants Support Specialist, part-time LTE, virruetakj@doj.state.wi.us

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 4:38 PM
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