2022 Helen Kelly Conference

“Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

-Bill Nye-

Cassilynn (Cassie) Brown, RN, MSN, SANE-A, SANE-P (She/Her/Hers)

Case Study
Forensic Nurse Examiner at Unity Point/Meriter in Madison and for DaneMAC in Madison, Wisconsin

“As nurses, we advocate and educate.”

“Advocate for additional research so we can make these changes.”

Cassie Brown

Chynna Lewis, MSW (She/her/hers)

UW-Madison Violence Prevention Program Manager

Phone: 1-314-599-5545

email: chynna.lewis@wisc.edu

It’s more of a hand up then a hand out.” On implicit bias.

“Showing up here is an act of valor itself.” To the SA survivor.

Chynna Lewis

Kimberly Pufahl (she/her/hers)

Youth and Family Advocate-The Women’s Community, Inc.

“It’s coming to a basic building block of respect.” Utilizing pronouns.

Kimberly Pufahl

Deb Chapman, MAED, CTRT

The Trauma Response

5 finger breathing instructions by educations.nsw.gov.au

Grounding Technique by https://hansonsrc.com/breathing-and-grounding/

“No matter what the situation is, I still like you”

“Remember the why”

Deb Chapman

Sandra L. Wolf, RN-C, MSN, CT

Self Care, Coping…Making a Difference

“Alot of what I say is for them but I want us to use it for us as well.”

“I, as a nurse, after I’ve taken, and taken, and taken…I finally get to give back.”

Sandy Wolf